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Is this You?

You write a speech you think your audience are interested in and want to hear. You get up on stage, often with very little rehearsal or prep time, and deliver what you believe to be a great presentation.


Then this happens...







Your speech is met with very little feedback from your audience. Maybe you don't get any feedback at all.


You kinda hoped the audience would love your content; that your charisma would carry you through, and you were pretty sure a standing ovation was in the bag. Not people standing to leave the room whilst you were in mid-speech!


Instead you delivered your speech to the sound of crickets.


Your audience has zero engagement with you … in fact they have no idea what your message is or means.


One day later, not a single person from the audience has signed up to your mailing list or offer. Nobody has reached out to tell you what a great speaker you are, and you certainly don’t have any more speaker engagements.


Nobody has taken action.

Then the self-doubt shows up. The effort put into your speech and performance that you thought was excellent simply did land for your audience. As a leader, you feel as though you’ve let yourself (and your audience) down.

  • Nobody took action and downloaded your free content.
  • Nobody asked questions after your speech.
  • Nobody reached out to rebook you to speak again.

It feels disappointing, embarrassing and HARD.

The truth is, I hear this story time and time again when people don't get a response from a speech they thought they had in the bag.


It's not the fact that you’re a terrible speaker. You’re probably a good speaker.

The problem is that you wrote the speech without a clear understanding of your audience. You didn’t know how the message needed to be structured so the audience could hear it and take the appropriate action.

The Art of Persuasive Speaking in Global Business (Intro Course) is a starter kit for speakers who need a methodology that WORKS and gets you HEARD

You will have access to the Course for 3 months

Before every great speaker gets on stage to present, they do their preparation. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Even seasoned speaking pros who make it look effortless, prepare for every single speech.

  • They get clear on who their audience is, what the message is and the needs of their audience.

  • They create strategy and structure that’s going to keep their audience engaged throughout.

  • They get clear on their opening, the first 7 seconds that’s going to determine whether they audience even like them. And they work on how to powerfully close, maximizing the opportunity of being on stage, creating an unforgettable moment for the audience.

  • They get crystal clear on the type of language their audience will connect with, and that will move and empower them to take action.

  • Followed by being apparent on the core product and message that they need to sell so it’s super easy for the audience to take the next steps and buy from you.

Nothing is left to chance.

Once they have mapped out their speaking journey, only then do they start creating a speech that deserves a standing ovation.

When you need your message to not only be heard but ACTED UPON, you need a strategy that's succinct and clear, that you can use EVERY TIME to give you the outcome you desire.

An easy step-by-step strategy to support you through the process of creating a powerful and unforgettable presentation.

The hardest part of creating a great speech is creating a great outline.

  • Knowing what your audience needs to hear (pro-tip: it will be different for every audience) and creating a uniquely powerful message every single time you need to give a presentation.

  • Giving the audience compelling impetus to take the next steps, confidently engaging in your speaking content and buying your product or service.

Look, I know this might sound a little overwhelming. And you are maybe thinking “I can't do this”; “I can't be a great speaker or speechwriter...” 

But believe me, my strategic methodology will support you to create a speech using a PROVEN formula and strategy that delivers powerful content and matches your audiences’ needs.

This course will:

  • Coach you on how to craft a persuasive message and convert your audience into engaged clients.

  • Share my proven strategy to create a persuasive speech any global leader would be proud of, and their audience will love.

  • Enable you to become an unforgettable, persuasive speaker with a packed calendar of future speaker bookings.

Natsuyo Lipschutz is, without doubt, a leading expert on crafting persuasive speeches for global leaders and anybody that needs to land a moment on stage. As a non-native English speaker, her strategy and precision in the persuasive speech crafting process has made her the successful public speaker she is today. When you enrol on The Art of Persuasive Speaking course, you will learn how to get your audience to look beyond your cultural background and accent and still be able to ACT UPON your message.
Natsuyo Lipschutz

This course will teach you how to write a persuasive speech that commands everybody's attention in the room, creating a truly transformative experience for your audience.

You will have access to the Course for 3 months


Book a 15 minute 1:1 coaching session with Natsuyo to get crystal clear on your speech writing goals.


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Get access to the leading strategy to WOW your audience and become unforgettable.

Intro Course curriculum

(Time: 64 Minutes)

  • 1


    • Welcome

  • 2

    Module One: Focus on One BIG Message

    • Part 1: What is One BIG Message

    • Part 2: Focus on One Big Message

    • Part 3: Uncover your One Big Message

    • Part 4: Main Points to Support Your One Big Message

    • Part 5: Connect the Dots with Transitions

  • 3

    Module Two: Know the 7-30 Rule

    • Part 1: Know the 7-30 Rule

    • Part 2: Opening Technique

  • 4

    Module 3: Know the Recency Effect

    • Part 1: The Recency Effect

    • Part2: Closing Techniques

  • 5

    Module 4: The Rule of KISS

    • Part 1: The Rule of KISS

    • Part 2: Case Study

  • 6

    Module 5: Always ask "Where is the SO WHAT?"

    • Part 1: Sell the "Bright Future" First

  • 7


    • Congratulations on Completing the Introduction of Persuasive Speaking in Global Business

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  • You get to access the leading strategy to creating a powerful, persuasive speech to WOW your audience.

  • Within 2 hours, you will have your most powerful message and speech outline, completed and ready to GO.

  • You will have access to the course materials for 3 months

What others say...

Chen Rao, Wall Street VP

"Natsuyo gave us practical tools to improve our cross‐cultural communications. Her talk was very engaging!!”

Gwen Bortner, Gwen Bortner Consulting

“Natsuyo is one of the most engaging and dynamic presenters I have had the pleasure to watch. The information she provides is extremely useful and highly relevant. But more importantly, it is delivered in a manner that makes it so completely relatable. Cross-cultural communications affects us all, and Natsuyo is the person to help you navigate the path.”

Robert Iyer, Chief Presentation Daredevil, Robert Iyer and Associates

"I’m a presentation coach myself and I've received help in the past from a few world champions. So I've obviously worked with some real professionals in this field and know what I'm saying when I say, "Natsuyo is absolutely wonderful. Really, really wonderful at what she does, and she makes a fabulous story strategist. I'm also a literature teacher who teaches writing style, structure and analysis. Natsuyo, knows, her stuff. She gets an A+++ for storytelling class! (and I don’t dish those out easily. Ask my students !!)"

Why invest with Natsuyo Lipschutz to coach you on presentation skills?

Natsuyo Lipschutz is one of THE most powerful and empowering persuasive storyteller speaker that engages audiences by creating memorable speeches – despite the fact that she is a non-native English speaker. TEDx speaker and 5-time Toastmasters international speech contest winner, she is able to coach you to do the same.

Natsuyo Lipschutz

Natsuyo Lipschutz is the managing principal of her strategy consulting firm, ASPIRE Intelligence. She is also an executive consultant for Breakthrough Speaking, a global public speaking consultancy.

In addition, Natsuyo is the bestselling author of The Success Blueprint, which she co‐wrote with world‐renowned business speaker, Brian Tracy. She is also the author of Amazon Japan’s #1 rated presentation book, 20Ji Ni Sogiotose. The book is written in Japanese and it has also been translated into Korean and Taiwanese. In English the title means, “Say it in 20 words.”

Natsuyo is an engaging TEDx speaker who is a four-time New York Toastmasters International speech contest district finalist.

A Japanese native, Natsuyo has delivered numerous trainings, workshops, seminars, and keynotes in Japanese and English to audiences around the world. She is a world-class certified public speaking coach and a marketing intelligence strategy consultant who also provides organizational development training.

Natsuyo is widely recognized as a leading global leadership and cross-cultural communications strategist. She uses cross-cultural theory, public speaking skills, logical thinking frameworks, and team leadership skills to teach audiences how to adjust their messages so they are well received in different cultures.

By the end of her sessions, audiences are equipped with the advanced cross-cultural communication skills they need to improve team dynamics, bridge cultural gaps, and leverage the diversity within their teams.

Natsuyo has worked with leading international companies that include Toyota, American Express, BNP Paribas, Hitachi, Fujitsu, Shiseido, and Chamber of Commerce.

She began her career at a top Japanese trading company, ITOCHU International in New York. Natsuyo then received her MBA from New York University and held a management consultant position at McKinsey & Company.

Today, Natsuyo resides in New York and often travels to Japan. In addition to her dynamic speaking and consulting career, she is a competitive ballroom Latin dancer, a proud mother, and a cancer survivor.

Course Access Information

  • Intro Course: Expiration 3 months

  • Master Course: Expiration 3 Months. Intro Course is a pre-requisite

  • Bundle: Expiration 6 months